Wild Guns: Epic Showdown in the Old West

by Alex Santos
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Who’s ready for a Wild West shootout adventure? After Sunset Riders, we bring you another thrilling shooting game that promises excitement from start to finish.

See how Nintendo, with its SNES console, already brought us many fun games to enjoy with our friends back in the day!

Wild Guns is an arcade-style shooting game released for the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1994. It was developed by Natsume and published by Natsume and Natsume Atari Inc. The game combines Western elements with a futuristic aesthetic, offering a unique blend of settings and enemies.

The story revolves around Annie and Clint, two bounty hunters who venture into the Old West to confront a threat posed by robots and criminals.

The game’s narrative tells us that the young and beautiful Annie sought out Clint, the renowned space bounty hunter. She told him about the tragic fate of her family, who were abducted and killed by the Kid.

Determined for vengeance, Annie offered to pay any amount for Clint’s assistance in eliminating the villains. Clint initially declined, stating that he didn’t need help. However, Annie was undeterred and insisted on collaborating, revealing her personal vendetta against the Kid family and challenging Clint’s skills as a sharpshooter. Eventually, they decided to join forces and face this perilous mission together.

Players can choose between the two main characters and use a variety of weapons, such as revolvers and rifles, to confront enemies and bosses.

Now, within the game…

Defeating enemies is a crucial part of gameplay and can yield incredible rewards. Sometimes, you’ll come across item boxes after defeating your adversaries. These boxes may contain precious metals like gold and silver, not only adding extra points to your score but also providing useful bombs.

Certain enemies will throw dynamite at you, but you have a way to defend yourself. You can shoot the dynamite back before it explodes. Additionally, keep an eye out as you can also use a lasso to temporarily stun enemies, giving you a strategic advantage in battle.

Remember that you can carry only up to five bombs at a time, and they are extremely useful for clearing the screen of enemies during critical moments.

Furthermore, be on the lookout for weapon upgrades that may appear after defeating specific enemies. These weapons include shotguns and machine guns, and they’re fantastic for increasing your character’s firing speed and damage output.

A valuable tip: when your bullets collide with enemy bullets, a gauge at the bottom of the screen will start filling up. When it’s completely full, you’ll gain access to the Vulcan gun, the most powerful weapon in the game, which grants temporary invincibility. However, keep in mind that the gauge will start depleting, and the Vulcan gun will disappear when it’s empty. Use it wisely and get ready for action-packed moments!

We had a blast playing with both characters in the game. You’ll certainly have a great time playing alone or with a gaming buddy.

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